White-label Deals Portal

With our scalable architecture, position in the affiliate industry, and aggregating content from all major affiliate networks, onebigplanet is a leading force in in helping publishers monetize their audience.

Deal Aggregator

OneBigPlanet's Deal Aggregator is a centralized network of consumer offers syndicated from over 120 daily deal sites, coupon providers, national brands and online retailers and made available through a comprehensive set of APIs and widgets.

Smarter Offers to Monetize Your Audience

OneBigPlanet provides a vast database of commissionable local & online daily deals as well as national offers. The OneBigPlanet database sits on an Offer Relevance Engine that enhances the data available for each offer in order to match it with the right consumer.

Local Deals

OneBigPlanet’s local offer database includes local daily deals and coupons from various providers in numerous markets in the U.S. and Canada. All of our local offers are standardized to ensure they can be distributed to our client's audience in a relevant manner.

Online Offers

OneBigPlanet’s online offer database includes online daily deals and the latest deals from the top retailers and brands from across the web. Our deal team works directly with national retailers to determine the best deals for all demographics.

White-label Deals Portal

OneBigPlanet’s white-label portal offers the ability to publish both local and online deals. Publishing partners can customize the look and feel to match their branding as well as choose the coupons and deals they want to feature based on the location and demographics of their user-base. With thousands of local and online merchants to choose from, our partners are guaranteed to create a unique experience for their user-base.


  • Fully white-labeled portal
  • Featured deals section (partner controlled)
  • White-label email communications
    • - Personalized daily deals email (daily)
    • - Curated online deals email (weekly/seasonal)
  • Local/national daily deals and national brand/online retailer offers
  • Partner dashboard
    • - Site customization
    • - Merchant suppression
    • - Full range of analytics and reporting
    • - Support system
    • - Registration landing pages with A/B testing
  • User features: email preferences, favorite alerts, sharing tools and user support

Easily customizable CSS & HTML

With just a bit of knowledge of CSS/HTML our partners can customize their deal portal to match their branding. All of the portal customization can be done directly in the admin.

Multiple registration landing page templates

When a partner launches their program, we provide them with 10 highly customizable registration and login templates. You can customize the colors, add your logo, change the fields in your forms, add promo images and alter the copy to suit your audience.

Registration and transactional reports

Once a partner’s program is launched they’re going to want to check how many members have registered and whether or not they are transacting or not. In the reports section of the partner admin, you can see all the numbers.

Deal Aggregator

OneBigPlanet's Deal Aggregator is a centralized network of consumer offers syndicated from over 120 daily deal sites, coupon providers, national brands and online retailers and made available through a comprehensive set of APIs and widgets.

Branded Deal Emails

OBP offers the ability to send out branded local and online daily deal emails as well as a curated email with online offers from national brands. The offers in the daily deal emails are based on the user's location and preferences. The offers in the online deal emails are chosen by our content team and tailored to various demographics.

Deal APIs

OBP’s robust deal APIs offer Publishers and Developers the flexibility to pull either local or online offers in any format they choose. All of our offer APIs can be used to pull content based on location, keywords, commission rates, specific merchants and categories with various other sorting options.

Deal Widgets

OneBigPlanet’s widgets are easily embeddable and often used by advertising and/or publishing partners to drive traffic to their White-label Portal or Daily Deal site. Partners can use either a standard widget or can request a custom one based on their objectives.


A scalable solution for a rapidly expanding industry

As the local online advertising industry is growing at an exponential rate, OneBigPlantet’s has built it’s platform with scalability and flexibility as a top priority. With that in mind, the platform is on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. As the application is a cloud-based, similar to popular consumer apps like Facebook and Twitter, it enables us to keep our costs to partners consistent by only paying for what the application needs for each partner.

Distribution Control

Control distribution of deals by selecting whether to publish to your own audience, or to the entire OneBigPlanet publisher network.

Access Control

Distribute your workload by taking advantage of OneBigPlanet’s administration access control system. Allow each project stakeholder to have his or her own administration account with the appropriate access.

Content Aggregation

Whatever the format, OneBigPlanet’s content aggregation system allows for the automated collection and formatting of any type of deal for easy publishing.

Geolocation Tools

Target users with IP address geolocation. Generate longitude and latitude for local merchants automatically. Publish local deals via customizable embedded Google Maps, or create a custom mobile application with the local deals API.

Publisher Customization

Customize the branding and content of all OneBigPlanet publisher products. Keep your audience engaged by preserving the consistency of the user experience.

Web Services API’s

Integrate deals directly into your existing publishing platforms using OneBigPlanet’s suite of publishing API’s.

About us

The onebigplanet Story

OneBigPlanet Corp. is the Intelligent Offer Network providing publishers and developers the ability to monetize their audience with relevant local and national offers. With their proven affiliate tracking technology, they provide access to a vast database of commissionable daily deals and national offers that can be tracked from multiple sources in a single system.

OneBigPlanet’s belief is that successful conversion lies in both having quality offers and consumer relevance based on context, time, interests and medium. The OneBigPlanet database sits on an Offer Relevance Engine that enhances the data available for each offer in order to match it with the right consumer.

Whether you're an online publisher or a mobile developer, OneBigPlanet provides a full suite publishing tools ranging from APIs to customizable widgets, e-mails and deal sites. OneBigPlanet aggregates the best offers from existing deal providers, makes the data highly relevant and then allows publishers to promote these deals in a highly effective and intelligent manner. What sets OneBigPlanet apart is their dedication to creating strategies on a per client basis to ensure optimal revenue potential.

The Product

With initial funding of $1M with Eric and seed investors, $3M dollar investment from Propulsion Ventures, and another $3M in other investments, moving from a clear vision to a working model, OneBigPlanet has expanded its technology platform in 3 phases to today enjoy one of the most comprehensive and customizable deal platform focused heavily on local deals.



Master License Channel Partnership

Over the past 7 years, 100% of our focus has been on the consumer savings space and building the most comprehensive and customizable deal technology platform. And we only work via partners.

If your company targets a particular industry or offers any sort of consumer savings programs to your clients and prospective clients, why not take advantage of 7 years of development and expertise combined with over $7M invested into our customizable deal platform.

With our Master License and Channel Partner System, you can get your own access to our platform which will allow your firm to create and manage customized consumer savings programs, acquire and manage deals, publish deals via any available of our offered solutions, or a combination thereof. Reasons for partnering with OneBigPlanet as Channel Partners include offering the most comprehensive and customizable platform to your clients, generating more revenue, increasing speed to market, and not having to go though the investments we have made nor having to go through the learning curve.


Contact us to find out more about re-marketing our solutions as a Channel Partners and get the keys to your own consumer savings revenue-generating engine.

Referral Program Partnership

If you have clients, prospective clients, or know of companies or organizations that could be interested in starting or improving their consumer savings strategy, in any form including creating a white label member savings program, you can apply to join our Referral Program to receive a revenue-share from the clients you have referred to OneBigPlanet.

Contact us to find out more about referring our solutions to companies and organizations in return for a revenue share.

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